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Claudio Caprari – Replica Sistemi 1

Claudio Caprari and Lorenzo Guaschino founded Replica Sistemi in 1984. Claudio played a key role in the growth and affirmation of Replica Sistemi as one of the most relevant providers of IT Solutions […]

Logo Replica Sistemi

Business Requirements Prioritization

We are in the process of defining the Business Requirements for building our Business Case. As we have seen during last session, now our new objective is to understand when an eCommerce Fashion […]

Business Reqs

Logistics Innovation, continuous learning and improving

Logistics discipline is not a modern science. It was mentioned in ancient times during the war between Sparta and Athens. In our modern globalized world however, everything is quickly changing, including Supply Chain […]

Position Paper Hand Logistics

Leonardo Pecchioli Keros-Digital SA 1

Leonardo is Founder and CEO of Keros Digital SA a company based in Switzerland developing and distributing ecommerce solutions for Omnichannel projects. Leonardo Pecchioli, graduated in Economics in Florence in 1999, started his career in […]

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Business Requirements & Business Scenarios

In this session we will introduce the concept of Business Requirements. As mentioned in the Position Paper, there is a fundamental rule to successfully approach Logistics. That is the 3W for 1H, it means […]

Business Requirements & Scenario

What is Logistics about – the beginning

Logistics is a discipline that takes its origins from the military environment. The science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of forces…. those aspects of military operations that deal with […]

Logistics about