Business Requirements & Business Scenarios

Business Requirements & Scenario

In this session we will introduce the concept of Business Requirements.

As mentioned in the Position Paper, there is a fundamental rule to successfully approach Logistics.┬áThat is the 3W for 1H, it means ‘First of all you gimme 3 W and after I can provide you 1 H’.

In our Business Case the H is standing for ‘How much’.

But we still need to know the Scope.

To understand the Scope, we need to answer to the following questions:

  • What is your business?
  • Where it is working?
  • When does it happen?

It can happen that during the definition of the Business Requirements, also the Objective of the Business Case is reviewed. And this is what has happened in this case.

Talking in more depth with my counterpart, I discovered that the expectations, in terms of result of my analysis, were different.
In reality the first question was ‘How much does eCommerce Logistics from Ticino cost for a fashion brand?‘.
But now the request seems a bit more complex and open.
After discussing I realised that the expectations was to understand ‘For what fashion companies it can be convenient to distribute from Ticino?‘.

Do not be upset, this is not uncommon. I can anticipate that in future the objective will change again!

Coming back, to the Business Requirements, now the Objective is more open. It means that the 3W pattern is not given, but it is exactly the answer we are looking for. To find a reliable answer to this open question we need to introduce the concept of Business Scenario.

Building a Business Case in terms of alternative Business Scenarios can be very helpful.

In fact you can use this approach:

  • not only to find an answer to a given question
    (i.e.: ‘it costs x’),
  • but also to verify what is the most effective solution
    (‘i.e.: ‘it could cost x instead of y under the following conditions’).

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