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We need to be ready for mythological changes in Supply Chain Logistics & Distribution Models.

Senior Advisor - Supply Chain Logistics & Distribution

Initially most of Distribution methods were through Wholesalers, following a pure B2B approach.

One step further happened when Int’l Retail Brands based network infrastructures in every continent.

Nowadays Bricks & Mortar approach is not enough to satisfy always growing end consumers’ expectations.

eCommerce was only the beginning of the change, while Omnichannel Distribution is today a must for successfully compete in the Digital Era.


Here at MYTH we would like to leave the voice to experienced people and reliable organizations that are driving this radical transformation.

The website is aimed to give:

  • Inspirations  

  • Experiences 

  • Concrete Tools

Reading the Position Paper you will start a journey from the basics of Logistics until the current business’s expectations. The objective is to provide you ideas that can help you to think how transform your business.

In the interviews presented in Seven Questions I will introduce the persons that are the best in class for supporting the Transformation. I have worked with all of them and I guarantee for them.

The Business Case is an exercise based on a concrete case. The initial objective is to understand how much eCommerce Logistics & Distribution can cost. At the end of the exercise you will get a more clear understanding about all the elements to be considered before approaching such a project.

But I have in plan a lot of other initiatives that I will progressively propose on MYTH.

Finally consider me always at disposal to help you in your challenges. In this case you can send a message using Contacts page

Join the blog, compare your experiences, share your opinions and challenges, and you can Make Your Things Happen in reality.


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Giacomo Sabino
Senior Advisor
Supply Chain Logistics & Distribution