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Leonardo Pecchioli

Leonardo is Founder and CEO of Keros Digital SA a company based in Switzerland developing and distributing ecommerce solutions for Omnichannel projects.

Leonardo Pecchioli, graduated in Economics in Florence in 1999, started his career in the audit field at KPMG.

In 2004 joined Guess Group acting initially as Financial Planning Manager.

In 2007 he participated to the establishment of Guess Group in Switzerland becoming European CFO and European Vice President of Operations.

In 2011, as co-founder of e-volve group, started his path in the ecommerce industry.




I know Leonardo Pecchioli since a little bit more than one year and during this brief period I had the chance to appreciate him as a great professional person with clear vision and strong leadership.

As you will discover reading his answers, Leonardo is a man that likes to go straight to the point but always with his personal human touch.
Leonardo Pecchioli is the first person I meet in this Seven Question experience, he is really a person that make things happen.

Leonardo, please give me a brief but comprehensive description of what your company can do?

Keros Digital provides enterprise level Technology solutions and Know-how for eCommerce projects with Omnichannel approach.

The peculiarity of Keros is the real end to end solution and expertise provided.

All Keros’ competitors provide solutions just up to the cart. Keros closes all the process from the first visit to the invoice. A real end to end solution.


Which have recently been the biggest challenges you faced for the first time?

Keros competitors are the biggest technology providers in the field. It’s like David against Goliath … but we all know how that story finished.


What should invest more in your company in order to compete and succeed today?

Brand awareness internationally.

The product we offer can face the competition easily.

We just are not yet well known and spread into the market.


What are your responsibility, and what do you like most about your job?

As Founder and CEO of the company it’s easier to say what is not under my responsibility. All single activity is fundamental for the success of the company.

I know exactly where I want to bring the company and that can be done only with a great team that shares my vision in every area.

And that’s exactly what I like more on my job: be part of such great team.


What do you believe to be insurmountable and what worries you the most?

Actually, I believe that nothing is insurmountable with the right resources and what worries me more about is exactly having the proper resources to achieve the goals in the right moment.


If you did not do this job, what would you have liked to do?

This is not only a Job. What I’m doing is creating value for the future, for the company, for its stakeholders and also for me and my family. What else I would like to do? Maybe would not be exactly the same activity, but I would always do something that has the same fundamental values.


How do you see the future?


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