Business Requirements Prioritization

Business Reqs

We are in the process of defining the Business Requirements for building our Business Case.

As we have seen during last session, now our new objective is to understand when an eCommerce Fashion Brand can base its own Logistics in Ticino, it means we must understand what are the conditions for distributing eCommerce from Ticino.

To try to give a useful answer to this complex question, all the conditions will be variable and we need to build our business case as a fully parametric model.

To build a parametric model that can be helpful for obtaining a correct understanding about the various variables involved in the process, we will create 2 alternative Scenarios, with some common business requirements and some different business requirements.

Business Requirements Prioritization

We have decided to differentiate the Scenarios in terms of Brands’ business volume and value because we want to focus, at this stage, our attention on the company profile.

So we will work on two alternative scenarios:

  • eCommerce Luxury Fashion: limited volume, but high value with a standard EBIT

  • eCommerce Regular Fashion: larger volume, but lower value with an EBIT that is a little higher than Luxury

In future, being the model fully parametric, it will be possible also to differentiate those business requirements, that initially are common.

To summarise, in this phase we are trying to understand what is the Company Profile eligible for basing its own eCommerce distribution from Ticino. 

In the next sessions we will analyse one by one all the above business requirements.

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