Building a Business Case for eCommerce Fashion Logistics: Objective & Scope

Business Case

I was requested by a potential client to build a Business Case for basing eCommerce Logistics in Ticino for a Fashion Brand.

At the beginning my counterpart had no clear idea about his objective, so the question was very simple: ‘how much should eCommerce Logistics in Ticino cost?’

The most frequent question a Logistic person is requested for is ‘how much doest it cost?‘.Dollars

Usually persons asking for this question are always in a hurry and cannot stand any delay in reply.

But what will make them crazy is to discover that your answer was not correct, and costs are higher.

So it can be very dangerous and not professional to give answers only for making people happy.

In this section we will go through a concrete case, building a Business Case for answering to the following question: ‘How much does eCommerce Fashion Logistics from Ticino cost?

Before starting with this exercise, There are two elements that we need to better define:

  • The Objective

  • The Scope

It seems that the title can help us to identify the Objective: understand how much eCommerce Logistics from Ticino could cost for a fashion brand. But nothing was said about the Scope.

To correctly define the Scope, we need to investigate what are the Business Requirements (see next post).

I anticipate that going ahead we will see that even the Objective needs to be reviewed, this is absolutely not uncommon and the redefinition of the Objective is fundamental for obtaining a useful result.

I like to underline that all this exercise is not a theoretical one, but all mentioned information are concrete.

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