The Logistics Rule: 3W (what / where / when) for 1 H (how)

3 What

To correctly design and manage all logistic processes it is always fundamental to consider a very simple Logistics Rule.

The last synthetic definition ‘Logistics means having the right thing, at the right place, at the right time‘ explains this fundamental Logistics Rule driving the logistics process definition and management.

That is the Logistics Rule of the 3 W’s for 1 H: What, Where and When to get to How.

Logistics Dept. needs to receive from companies their W needs, these 3W become the relevant business requirements for who runs logistic operations, that has to find reliable and efficient solutions to satisfy them.

In more simple terms, Logistics needs 3W to realize a successful process H (meaning How).



Logistics Rule


Another characteristic not frequently considered in the definition of logistics, is the frequency of changes, meaning the time requested in the re-definition of the 3Ws patterns.

In the traditional approach to Distribution, companies were investing on a new Distribution model, for example, warehouses, hubs, tracks etc. for supporting the next 10 years because of the stability of their governing requirements. In this age, stability of requirements is no longer considered in positive terms as it can limit the continuous evolution of the business. The higher the frequency, the larger the scope covered by the logistics infrastructure.

We are moving from a consolidated infrastructure towards an adaptive Infrastructure.

This is mandatory in today’s Omnichannel distribution.

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