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Fabio Gianfreda is the Regional Sales Manager for Ticino of Swisspost.

Fabio Gianfreda is working in this Company since few years, contributing to the evolution of one of the oldest iconic Swiss brands towards new era digitalisation disruption.

Swisspost is one of most important partners of MYTH.

Together we collaborate in different projects to support Companies to evolve.

Fabio Gianfreda

I met Fabio Gianfreda many times and in different contexts.

For me Fabio is representing some of Swiss key factors. He is precise, reliable and competent. Never selling something he cannot does. At the same time Fabio special point is the human touch that helps him in establish solid relationships.

Another special characteristics of Fabio Gianfreda is the ability in networking.

He knows everybody and even if he doesn’t know, he knows how to arrive to every person in the business.

Finally, I can say that Fabio has an attribute that in todays world is mandatory to successfully conquer: Fabio is a positive person, as confirmed from his last answer!



La Posta is managing a lot of business areas. Please give me a brief but comprehensive description of your business where your are considered as the ‘best in class’? 

Swiss Post mission is to offer a well-functioning universal service where we are the best in class.

With increasing digitization and mobility, customer requirements are changing.

Swiss Post is responding to this trend by developing the existing postal network and innovative services.


What Is your business mainly related to domestic operations in Switzerland or more likely (or already) becoming an international player? has changed in these years in terms of expectations from market/clients? 

The exportation of the Brand Swiss Post began on 1997 opening subsidiaries around the world.

In 2001 first Joint Venture with TNT was created to assure our customer a high service level for the distribution of important documents and distributing goods in 220 countries.

In 2012 our latest Joint Venture between Swiss Post and La Poste France took place.
Responding to the needs of e-commerce we are able to offer Business to Consumer solutions around  the world.

Swiss Post has taken first place in the recently published Integrated Index for Postal Development.

The study carried out by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) shows that by international standards Swiss Post is amongst the leading postal organisations with a comprehensive range of services. The study compares a total of 170 postal organizations using four criteria: reliability, reachability, relevance and resilience. Swiss Post achieved the highest points in three of the four categories and as such heads the rankings above France and Japan.


What is the most strange, unpredictable, unreasonable situation you had to manage and how did you overcome? 

Fortunately I personally have never received an unpredictable request. But it happens that we get requests to transport goods that are not allowed to transport in the Swiss Post Channel.


What are the most relevant trends in your business in your geographical area? 

We try to build confidential relations with our customer by creating a positive Customer Experience.

Swiss Post has a very good reputation around the world concerning security, flexibility and trustworthiness.

Today our business is not just a matter of moving a parcel from the Point A to a Point B but to offer the customer the opportunity to decide when, where, how fast and how much to pay for the own parcel.

To deliver important shipments with Drones or last mile delivery with special Robot demonstrate that Swiss Post is not waiting for the future but is trying to anticipate.


What is your personal motto, please explain when did you find it useful?

My motto is “consider is done”.

My work is based on listening and understanding the need of the customers and trying to find a solution. This happens in the professional field but also in everyday life. My work allows me to be in contact with many people in different fields and sometime it can be very useful.

I’m working for a company offering a lot of services and solutions.

Maybe I can’t give an answer to everyone but you can be sure that I will find the answer or the right person who could give an answer.


How do you see yourself in 5 years; will you continue with the same job or will you change, if yes what would you like to do in the future, if not please explain the reasons of your confidence? 

For sure I will not do exactly the same work like today.

The market is changing and will change even faster in the future.

Digitalisation has become omnipresent and I’m convinced that my future will also be in Digitalisation.

The next 2-3 Years will tell us a little bit more about the future. I hope that we can manage the Digitalisation well instead of suffering.


What role has your family and your private life in your professional commitment ? 

Fortunately I can manage my job and family very well. I’m father of two little children and my wife it’s able to understand my professional needs. The family is also very important to archive Professional goals by giving serenity and power.

I think I am very lucky about this.


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